Wedding tables – layouts & inspiration

Wedding tables – layouts & inspiration

You’ve had your RSVP’s and now the tricky part is planning where everyone is going to sit and more importantly how? Do you have a formal sit down meal with round tables, a more relaxed feel with long trestle tables or a rustic banquet with wooden feasting tables? Here are some wedding tables and ideas along with different layouts and decoration inspiration.

Round Tables

Usually dressed with linens for a neat finish with a centrepiece. The advantages of a roundtable are that they are very sociable and you can see and talk to everybody. Make sure if you choose a flower centrepiece that is above or below eye level. Paired with Chivari chairs you will achieve a classy sophisticated look.

Instead of white linen, coloured tables cloths are becoming more and more popular. They can be hired or bought in a variety of colours and are a brilliant way to brighten up your venue and fit in with your theme or colour scheme. Why not add a bit of sparkle with a sequin tablecloth or runner.

Many caterers will supply basic linen but if you are after something a bit different here are a couple that we have found.

Sequin Table Cloth HireThe Sweet Hostess – Pudding Bridge

Coloured and Plain Linen Hire365 Caterers

Trestle Tables

Trestle tables are a more relaxed idea but can also look really stunning and effective in a long line. The beauty of trestle tables is that they can be left individually or put together to create any length desired. Linen is still usually required but they are a perfect canvas for table decorations such as tea lights and flowers dotted down the centre. They can be paired with any design of chair depending on your theme and the style you are going for.

Rustic Feasting Wedding Tables

Made from solid wood, banqueting style feasting tables are becoming a popular addition to weddings. They look amazing and the perfect thing is that don’t don’t require any linen. They can be left either completely bare or many people choose to put a runner down the middle. Feasting tables come in rectangular, round or oval shapes and work brilliantly as a mixture. They are perfect for a rustic wedding and also work really well for a festival themed event.

Oval and rectangular feasting tables inside tipis

Top Table Ideas

This is where the wedding party is usually seated, all on one table with seats down one side. It can either be referred to as the “top Table” or “head table”. Traditionally this is one long table but today there are some alternatives that also work really well. A Large oval table looks great and is perfect if you have the banqueting tables for your guests. Another idea is an arched top table, this incorporates the traditional long table in the middle but has a curve on each end to add a modern twist. It is also becoming fashionable for the bride and groom to be seated on their own table, this is know as a “sweetheart table” and can be a good idea if you are unsure of who to seat where. Many brides also choose not to have a top table at all and just have everything the same with a more relaxed seating plan.

Chair Choices

There are many styles of seats to choose from depending on the look and theme you want. Chivari chairs come in a variety of different woods with different seat pad colours, they look beautiful at a roundtable although do work with all table shapes. Wooden folding chairs are paired really well with the feasting banqueting tables or trestle tables for a more rustic look. Across back chair can also look stunning especially if the colour matches your theme.

Lime washed chivari & cream seat pad

Table Plan Displays

There are many different ways that you can display your table plans. Some popular choices are;

  • Wooden Ladders – use photo frames or string and pegs to hang your names.
  • Plant Pots – have flowers with your names written on the pots
  • Mirrors and Old Suit Cases – perfect for a vintage themed wedding
  • Bottles – Use bottles of spirits such as gin or vodka or wine which can then be shared by the guests on the table
  • Chalk Boards

There are many ways to seat your guests and lots of different styles to suit individual tastes.

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