Wedding Guest Book Ideas – save the memories!

Wedding Guest Book Ideas – save the memories!

After the rush and excitement of your big day be sure to have a collection of memories for you to look back on. A wedding guest book is a great way to remember your wedding day, and all of the people you shared it with.

Classic Guest Book

A classic wedding guest book is a simple and traditional way for all of your guests to leave you loving notes and their best wishes. Easily customised you can be sure that your guest book will be personal to you as newlyweds.

Polaroid Photos

Vintage Polaroid cameras are becoming a more and more popular option, in place of a guest book. Your guests can easily snap happy pictures of themselves and then pin them up. You will be left with a wonderful collection of memories.

Wedding Movie

Encourage each of your guests to take a short video of themselves at some point in the day. Either provide a video camera for them to use to or an email they can send their video to. A collection of videos will let you relive the excitement of your big day over and over again.
A company we like to recommend is “shoot it yourself” they provide the cameras for you to use throughout the day. They then edit it all in to one fabulous video full of memories.

Messages in a Jar

Provide note paper for your guests to write kind messages on. They can then fold up their messages and up them in a jar. Once your big day has come to an end, you can enjoy sitting down as newlyweds, reading through the lovely messages from your family and friends.

Postcards in Mailbox

Great really creative and provide postcards for your guests to sign and post in a mailbox. Make this even more personal by providing postcards from your memorable and favourite places, a great incorporation of the bride and groom’s interests.

Fingerprint Tree

For those more artistic couples, a fingerprint tree as your guest ‘book’ is a beautiful way to uniquely remember all of your guests. Simply draw the silhouette of a tree with naked branches. Provide paint for your guests to dip their fingers into, then create the leaves with each individual fingerprint. Slowly the tree will become full, signifying all your friends and family together.

Significant Object

Whether you are keen musicians, adventurers or wine connoisseurs, have an object that means a lot to you as a couple for all of your guests to sign. This will create a great memory of your day, while being very personal. Some popular choices are a guitar and wine bottles.

Jigsaw Pieces

Signify the joining of the bride and groom’s families and friends by building a puzzle. Each of your guests signs a plain puzzle piece, and slowly a puzzle can be built.


For those keen travelers, ask your guests to sign a globe. This combines your love for travelling and memory of your friends and family.

Christmas Ornaments

Signed Christmas ornaments are the perfect memory of your big day if you are hosting a winter wedding. For years to come you can hang the ornaments your wedding guests signed on your Christmas tree, each year reliving the memory of your wedding day.

Hanging Messages

If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, why not utilise the nature around you. Provide notes, with string attached, for your guests to write on. Each guest can then hang their message on the tree, creating a collection of well wishes from your loved ones.


Perhaps you have a nautical background, or just enjoy the calming influence of the sea. Incorporate your personal interest by having your guests each sign a pebble.


Collect all the corks popped from bottle on your big day and have them as your guest ‘book’. Ask each guest to sign a cork and leave a loving message if there is room.

We hope you like our ideas for different types of wedding guest books. For other ideas and inspiration take a look at our other blogs DIY wedding decorations and Wedding Tables & Layouts.

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