Wedding decorations to create yourself.

Wedding decorations to create yourself.

Enjoy making your wedding decorations and details, create projects that both yourself and your fiancé are excited about. Although you may have fun making a lot of detail for your wedding, do not over do it. You don’t want your venues looking cluttered or find yourself overly busy with your DIY wedding details. Here are a few simple ideas that you can create yourselves that will add that extra little touch.


The addition of simple yet pretty detailing on your wedding day can help make it even more romantic. Wrap your choice of flowers and greenery around a garland floral wire. Complete each end of the garland by attaching soaked oasis, where you can insert larger blooms, creating a beautiful floral display. They can be used to decorate your venue or your wedding transport.

Chalk Boards

Chalk boards are a great way to display information at your wedding. Chalk board paint is easily bought from a hardware store, so a great DIY option. Get creative with decorative writing or fun hand drawn images.

Ceiling Decorations

To complete the look of your wedding venue consider hanging decorations. Draping long white sheets and fairy lights throughout your venue creates a very romantic feel. Think outside the box when creating your own hanging decorations; use hula hoops as a base structure to drape flowers around. Why not also try something a little different such as ribbons, tassels and pom poms. They are easy to make and can be created in any colour. They will look amazing hanging from the ceiling.

Polaroid Photos

Whether you display photos taken prior to your wedding day or have a Polaroid photo booth, the use of photos is a great way to personalise your big day. Create a memory wall of you and your fiancé for your guests to enjoy, pinning up each photo with a rustic clothes peg. Polaroid photos of you and your fiancé also make great wedding cake toppers. A Polaroid photo booth is also easy to create. Set up a fun background and even include handmade props for your guests to take photos with.

Aisle Decorations

You want to ensure your aisle decorations nicely frame your aisle but not take over it! Stir away from large flower bouquets and consider simple but effective ideas such as hanging jars, ribbon or fresh fruit crates.

Confetti Holders

Confetti is a great fun way for your guests to be involved in your ceremony. Make your own confetti throwers simply with coloured card, filled with whichever confetti you choose and a sticker to seal it. Using letter stamps are also a great way to add personalised names and dates. Do make sure your confetti is biodegradable as this is usually a requirement for most venues. Dried flower petals are a great option and look extra pretty in photographs.

There are so many ways to create your own decorations and little extra touches, these are just a taster of some of our ideas. For more inspiration have a look at our other blog about DIY Wedding Venue Decorations.  Please also use the links above to share.

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