Wedding cakes – designs and ideas!

Wedding cakes – designs and ideas!

One of the most important features of a wedding, we thought we’d have a look at some Wedding Cakes. The wedding cake has been around for centuries and is still very important in a modern day wedding. The designs, flavours and styles vary so much and can be made to suit anybody’s taste buds. Traditionally wedding cakes were meant to bring good luck to the newly married couple and to all of their present guests. Today a cake is more of a centrepiece and sometimes not even served out.

Did you know?

The wedding cake has many superstitions. In some countries the cake is broken over the brides head – this is done to hopefully ensure fertility and bring good luck to the married couple. One of the many reasons why a cake was traditionally made from fruits and alcohol was so they would keep for longer. Many couples would keep their cake until their 1st anniversary as they thought it would prevent marriage problems in the future. Some couples have been known to keep a tier of their cake which they then bring out at the christening of their first child.

Wedding cakes come in a variety of different sizes, colours and styles. Ingredients such as marzipan, fondant, buttercream, ganache and chocolate are widely used to create the perfect cake of choice for the couple.

Wedding Cakes

Today a large wedding cake isn’t always present with brides and grooms choosing to have something a bit different. Some popular alternative choices you could choose are; cupcakes, macarons, cheese cake stacks and Petit fours.

Wedding cupcakes are a great way to accommodate for lots of guests without having a huge expensive cake. They can be made in a range of different flavours and can be decorated to suit the colour scheme and theme of a wedding. Use multiple stands to display and add some height to your cake table. Why not also provide small boxes so your guests can take them home to enjoy.

Wedding Cupcakes by

Macarons are delicate, light, fancy and a great little alternative treat for guests. A bite-size delight that can be made in any colour choice and a range of yummy fillings.

Wedding Macarons. Photo –

A stack of delicious cheese made to look like a wedding cake is becoming a really popular feature for a wedding. There are many companies that can supply them along with nuts, grapes and figs for extra decoration. This particular stack is made from a variety of Godminster cheeses, topped off beautifully with a heart-shaped cheddar. The beauty of this is that they can easily be sourced and put together by yourself if you don’t want to use an outside company.

There are so many incredible ideas and designs that can be used for a wedding. Here are some wacky cake designs that we love to inspire you for your big day.

Split design – traditional white mixed with scrumptious chocolate and strawberries.

There are some amazingly talented individuals and companies that can create your dream wedding cake. One of our favourites is Holly Miller from Shepton Mallet, Somerset, she makes a variety of different cupcakes and layered cakes for weddings and events. Here are some of her beautiful creations.

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Some brides on a budget choose to make their own cakes, there are many different recipes and can be as easy or as complicated as you like.

If you fancy having a go at making your own wedding cake, here are some basic recipes to try.

Three Tiered Fruit Wedding Cake

Three Tiered Sponge Wedding Cake

Traditional Wedding Cake

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