The Groom – main man of the wedding

The Groom – main man of the wedding

The Groom

From the proposal to the big day, the groom has a large role to play in the planning of the wedding, making it an enjoyable process for both bride and groom.

As the groom, being involved is one of the most important things. By working with your bride, the organisation and planning required for your wedding will be more enjoyable and the perfect combination of ‘his and her’ ideas. Do not sit back and let the bride do all of the work, remove some of the stress by dividing the wedding ‘To Do’ list.

Your wedding vows, if you choose to personalise them, are a thoughtful way of showing your bride how much the day means to you. It is traditional for the groom to give a speech during the reception. Make sure to include thank yous to everyone involved in your wedding day, as well as some light-hearted humour, and of course how wonderful the bride looks. Spend some time writing both your vows and speech, as well as practising reading them aloud, just make sure your bride isn’t there to hear!


Just as the bride will choose her bridesmaids, as the groom, choose your closest friends to be part of your big day. The number of groomsmen you choose is completely up to you, but remember, each must have the correct attire, so your budget is something to consider. If possible, mirror the number of groomsmen and bridesmaids as this looks great in photos and shows the wedding is equally about both the bride and groom. As a gesture towards your bride, involve your bride’s family or close friends, by having at least one as a groomsman. The bride’s brother is a good choice, and someone you are likely to know well. Your groomsmen will be with you throughout the whole wedding process, so do not forget to get them gifts to say thank you, something personalised is a good option.

The Best man

Choosing your best man is something you must consider carefully, usually your dearest and most reliable friend. He will be by your side during the wedding planning, someone to help make decisions and make sure you, as the groom, and all your groomsmen are ready for the wedding day. It usually falls to the best man to plan the stag party.

Discuss the sort of celebration you would like to have so it is a day you enjoy (and remember!). It is also a good idea to proof read the best man’s speech, which he delivers during the wedding reception. Although childhood anecdotes are always sweet and amusing, there are likely to be some stories you would be left unsaid. You want to ensure your best man has created a speech appropriate for your whole wedding party, so you do not have to worry about it on the big day.

Wedding Attire

It is not only the bride who has to put a lot of thought and planning into their look, as the groom there are a lot of things to consider too. Before you begin shopping, do your research. Having an idea of what you would like makes it easier and faster to shop. Have a look at the choices, including your suit, shoes and accessories, so you can find the perfect outfit that is in keeping with your theme, budget and personal taste. Depending on budgets, suits can either be purchased or hired from a variety of different outlets.

Suits Designs and Fabrics

Consider what you would like you and your groomsmen to wear. Usually, the groom and groomsmen will wear similar suits, but with a slight variation in a particular detail, such as the waistcoat or buttonhole, so the groom stands out.

The increase in men’s fashion means there is now a wider range of wedding suits seen. To help you narrow down the choices, consider the time of year you are getting married. Suits made from lightweight materials are ideal for summer weddings, whereas heavier wool or tweed suits are perfect for a winter wedding. Keep in mind the theme of your wedding, your venue and the bride’s look. Although traditionally the bride and groom do not know what the other will be wearing until the big day, discuss styles and colours to ensure each complement the other’s attire nicely.

Suit Styles

There are many different styles of suit; classic, black or white tie and tuxedo, just to name a few. Considering popular wedding options is a great place to start. A morning suit is perfect for afternoon weddings. With tailcoat, waistcoat and trousers, it is a formal and stylish choice. White tie and tails, the evening equivalent of a morning suit, is an elegant formal choice, adding an extra touch of class, ideal for a traditional wedding. Tuxedos have become very popular for evening weddings and really make an impression.

Suit Fit

At the beginning of the wedding suit shopping process, make sure are measured by a professional. Make sure the suit is a flattering cut for your height and body type. They will be able to advise you on which suit may fit you best, and if you are able to hire the suit you would like. Wedding suits are usually hired, which reduces the cost, but if alterations need to be made, then you must purchase the suit. If you are purchasing a tailored suit, have fittings at a tailor’s, just as your bride will with her dress.

For shorter grooms with a stocky build, natural shoulder lines with reverse double pleated trousers, where the pleats extend towards the pockets, are flattering. This style elongates the leg. This is a good trouser style for all shorter men, although those with a slender build should consider a single-breasted jacket with low buttons, as this also elongates the body.

Most suit styles will compliment tall grooms, although be careful to have the correct jacket length. Your fingertips should touch the bottom of the jacket when your arms are relaxed.


Your accessories really complete your wedding day look. Ensure each accessory is in keeping with your theme, also considering how you can add a personal touch.

Choose your tie in accordance with the details of your suit, such as the lapels and collar. Consider whether a traditional tie, skinny tie, bow tie or cravat would look best. Pair your tie with a pocket square, matching the colour and material. Compliment both your tie and pocket square with a decorative buttonhole. Fresh flowers are a popular choice. You could be even more creative and include feathers, beading and ribbon.

Dark suit and bow tie with rose buttonhole. Photo – Bouquet Florist

Cufflinks may seem a small detail, but are a lovely way to show your personality, whether you choose to have you and your bride’s initials, custom made detailing or simple traditional shape. Your socks can be in keeping with your suit, matching your trouser colour so you have an unbroken line, or funky and personal.


Your suit colour and style will determine the type of shoe you wear. Typically, black shoes are worn with a black suit, brown shoes with a navy suit and lighter coloured shoes with a light suit. Whatever your shoe choice, ensure you wear them before the wedding, this way they will be comfortable on your big day.

A casual wedding suit pairs well with boat shoes. For a slightly more formal feel, suede or leather loafers are a good choice, pairing well with a light suit. This is a great option for a summer wedding. For the more formal wedding, consider oxford shoes, either shiny, patent leather or velvet.


Whatever your hair type, make sure you plan ahead, continuously taking care of your hair before the wedding and having a clear idea of how you will style it on your big day. Short cut hair, slicked back, is a very smart and refined look. If you are going to experiment with different hair length and facial hair, ensure you do so well in advance, making sure you are happy and confident with your look.

Whatever your style, personality and wedding theme, work closely with your bride to ensure you share and enjoy the wedding planning, creating your perfect big day, down to the very last detail.

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