Cruck Tent

A brand new bespoke structure from our sister company based on a medieval crook barn. A brilliantly unique style for all weddings and events. 

Cruck Tent

The Cruck or ‘Crook’ barn was a fundamental structure back in medieval England. Its distinctive design comprises of two beams or blades leaning inwards, fixed with a cross or tie beam securing the framework.

Taking inspiration from the original structure, we have created a modernised version at our sister company Cruck Tent.

Whilst the new design stays true to its historic roots, it is much safer and more weather resilient than the medieval structure. Plus, it has been precisely engineered for easy installation and can me moved, suiting temporary weddings and events perfectly.

The cruck tents stand tall at 7m high and 16m wide. In terms of length, they start at 12m long. But, this can be extended by 3m increments – to match the size that suits your guest numbers, location and any interior requirements.

A smaller mini cruck is also available at just 6m wide make it perfect for smaller events and locations.


The cruck’s open space and visible timbers make it a great choice of venue for weddings, events, parties and even festivals.

The generous roof area provides a perfect opportunity for getting creative and looks spectacular with large hanging flower displays, chandeliers or quirky retro festoon bulbs.

When it comes to flooring, coir matting is the most popular choice but there is nothing stopping you from going a little more contemporary with a solid wood hard floor. You can even add carpet for a more deluxe feeling.

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What our clients have to say


“Thank you so much for setting up all the tents and the lighting so extremely efficiently and quickly. Everything worked perfectly and looked ravishing…The lighting was magical and mercifully the tents were fully waterproof as there was a late night downpour but everyone was far too busy on the dance floor by then to notice. If ever you need a ten star endorsement from us of your fantastic team just pass on my contact details. You were a real pleasure to work with and we were delighted with the final effect.”

- Emily, Bradford-On-Avon

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