Something old, new, borrowed and blue

Something old, new, borrowed and blue

‘Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.’

This is a traditional English rhyme which details what a bride should wear at her wedding for good luck. It isn’t compulsory but many brides still choose to keep the traditions and carry out at least one if not all of the above, especially if they are particularly superstitious.

Something Old – Represents Continuity and provides protection for the baby to come

Something New – Offers optimism for the future

Something Borrowed – Represents Happiness and Good Luck

Something Blue – The colour blue is a sign of fidelity

A Sixpence – Represents Good Fortune (mainly a British Tradition)

We have come up with some traditional, often used ideas along with some more modern inspiration. Many items can be represented under each category depending on the bride and what she chooses.

Something Old

This is traditionally associated with ancestry and heritage from the Bride’s side of the family and could be a range of different items.
There are lots of different ideas including;

Vintage Cars

Something that cant necessarily be added to an outfit but perhaps there’s a vintage car that belonged to a grandparent and has been in the family for many years. This would be a lovely way to arrive at the ceremony and would make some memorable photos with the bride and groom.

Pearl or Diamond Necklace/ Ear Rings

This is a popular choice, often given to the bride by their mother who may of also worn the same jewellery from their mother on their own wedding day.

Wedding Dress/ Veil

This is a great way of incorporating another family member in to your day. Rather than wearing the exact dress from a mother or grandmother, why not take bits and customise your new dress. Making a veil out of the material could also be a great and unique touch.

Vintage wedding car – something old

Something New

This can be something that you have bought for yourself, perhaps your wedding ring, dress or shoes. Quite often the Something New is a gift presented to the bride by a friend, family member or the groom on the morning of the wedding.


Treat yourself to a new perfume for your big day. The scent will always remind you and will bring back all of the good memories every time you wear it.


The one thing that can definitely be new. This is also a good way to hide a bit of blue underneath without anyone seeing.

Wedding Ring

Choosing a wedding ring can be something that you and your husband to be can do together before the wedding. There are so many choices available to compliment your engagement ring.

Diamonds Factory has a wide range of beautiful rings to choose from which can also be customised. They can be purchased online or at a showroom.

Personalised Glasses/ Flutes

This is a great modern way to incorporate something new. Why not have cocktail glasses or champagne flutes that are personalised with your new surname, initials and the wedding date. They can be used for your toast and can be kept as a reminder.

Something new – personalised champagne flutes. Photo –

Something Borrowed

This can be any item borrowed from anyone to be worn or used on the wedding day. Traditionally it is something borrowed from the brides & grooms mother or friend.


A Tiara is a lovely addition to complete the overall outfit and looks great paired with a veil. There are many styles to chose from and they can be as plain or as extravagant as you’d like.

Kate Middleton borrowed a Tiara from Queen Elizabeth. This was a diamond tiara made by Cartier which had been bought for the Queen’s Mother and which was then given to the Queen on her 18th birthday.


A garter is something that is quite often borrowed from a mum, aunt or sister. This could also contain something blue or even include a silver sixpence.

Decorations/ Signs

This is something that you could borrow from a friend or relative. Perhaps you are having a similar colour scheme to a previous wedding and could borrow some bunting to decorate your ceremony. Other popular things are Mr & Mrs Signs, Card Boxes and Candle Holders.

Something Blue


Blue shoes are one of the most popular choices for something blue. They don’t have to be bright and bold but could be a soft pastel blue. There are so many different options for wedding shoes, from flats, sandals, stilettos and sequins. They will mainly be hidden if you have a long dress but will look great as you walk and will make some lovely unique photos.

Nail Varnish

Blue nail varnish is a great little touch to add some blue. Painted toenails can be a more subtle way if you want to keep the colour hidden.

Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are going for a blue theme then you have your something blue covered in many ways already. Choosing to put your bridesmaids in blue or having blue flowers in the bouquets can also work really well.

Silver Sixpence

Traditionally the bride’s father would put a sixpence coin into his daughter’s left shoe on the way to the altar. This was to bring luck and wish the happy couple a long and prosperous life together. Today, brides may choose to tie a sixpence to their bouquet or wear one as a bracelet instead of in their shoe.

A silver sixpence – gift box. Photo –

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue is a phrase that is always heard and a tradition that has been around since the early centuries.

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