Make your marquee wedding perfect

Make your marquee wedding perfect

Practical points worth thinking about…

All weddings can be a challenge, especially if you are doing the organisation yourself! Of course, we help all of our clients every step of the way, but in case you are going at it alone, here are some of the practical areas worth thinking about to ensure your marquee wedding is perfect…

Think about style and design…

Marquees come in many different shapes, sizes and styles! Depending on your theme and the style that you want to create, you can choose a structure to suit. You might want the classic elegant English wedding and therefore go for the Clear Span Frame Marquee with pleated ivory lining, or you might opt the rustic look and celebrate in a Kata Tipi.

One fantastic benefit of a marquee wedding is that you can make it totally bespoke to you. A marquee is a blank canvas with countless possibilities. Do you want a themed wedding? A winter Christmas wedding? A marquee flooded with lanterns? An olive green Overhang Tent to host your big day? Or rustic Kata Tipis kitted out with a fire pit and feasting tables?

Use the ceiling…

Marquees can be vast in size. They also always have tall ceilings giving you plenty of height to play with. Upside down umbrellas, chandeliers, pea lights, warm white LED festoon lights, hanging foliage or flowers, bunting, origami birds, pom poms….the list goes on. The roof space has endless possibilities and should definitely be utilised!


Have a think about the venue. The site of your reception may also affect your structure. For example, Traditional Pole Marquees cannot go on the hard-standing floor as they need guy ropes to stabilise them, therefore, if your marquee is on a tennis court, you’ll need to go for the Clear Span Frame Marquee. Do you have stunning views that you want to incorporate? Go for a structure with panoramic windows or lift the sides in a Kata Tipi. Perhaps you want to dance under the stars… we can put a clear roof over your dance floor!


Your marquee will need power. Depending on your requirements: your caterer’s needs, your band or DJ’s power, how much lighting you require will all affect what kind of power you’ll need. It’s sometimes possible to plug into a mains supply or alternatively, opt for a new (and therefore effective and quiet) generator for your wedding!


With a large number of guests, you’ll need to think about some additional toilets. If you take one piece of advice from us, it’s this….do not book in Portaloos for your wedding. You go to all the effort to have a beautiful wedding and then have festival style toilets! Go for a luxury toilet unit which not only is sparkling clean, has built-in running water and looks good, it also won’t break the bank!


If your venue doesn’t come with a traditional car park then you’ll need to think about parking. Perhaps you can convince the local farmer to let you borrow a field for the day? If you’re having a summer wedding then the chances are that the weather will be beautiful and you won’t need flooring in your makeshift car park, but if you’re having a winter wedding then make sure your marquee provider is happy to lay hard floor tracks and walkways in case of bad weather! Have a think about lighting to make sure your guests can find their way back to their vehicles…a couple of handmade or bespoke signs will always be helpful too! If fields are unavailable then think about putting on transport from the local village hall car park or nearest hotel.

Planning a marquee wedding is exciting and fun! You can get married in your favourite location in a structure styled to be perfect for you! We are always more than happy to answer any questions, provide quotations and meet you at your venue to go through all of the options and your ideas! Just give us a ring or drop us an email and we can start planning your perfect day together!

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