Honeymoon Short Haul Destinations

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  • November 21, 2018

Honeymoon Short Haul Destinations

 For couples not wishing to travel far for their honeymoon, there are still many popular honeymoon short haul destinations within Europe that boast amazing scenery, cuisine and culture.

Flight time 1-4 hours

Honeymoon short haul destinations can still be luxurious and are great if you don’t like the long distance travelling. You can be there in under 5 hours and the added bonus is that you can sometimes get away with just taking hand luggage. We’ve found some of the most popular and favourite honeymoon destinations that we think are great.

Ireland, as the closest overseas country to the UK, is a great choice for a honeymoon, and reached after only a one-hour flight. Rolling green hills, sheer shaggy cliffs and beautiful stone castles create stunning landscapes. Castles, that date back hundreds of years, are there to be explored, and even stayed in!

Italy is the ideal honeymoon location if you as a couple enjoy and really appreciate your cuisine. As a top culinary destination, you are able to meet winemakers and even get involved, learning how to make Italian cheeses and cured meats. As a country that offers beautiful beaches and traditional towns, your honeymoon can be charming yet luxurious.

Tours of Ireland Honeymoon ideas by Vagabond

Italian Foody Honeymoon with Imaginative Traveller

Consider Sweden for a European honeymoon. After only a two-hour flight you will find yourself surrounded by vibrant coloured buildings, art galleries, beautiful boutiques and quaint cafes. As a country with a rich history, there is much to discover. End one of your days with a romantic sunset sail while enjoying fresh seafood cuisine.

Iceland is a great honeymoon choice for outdoor loving couples. From hiking to rock climbing, there are many ways to explore the stunning landscape. Try heli-skiing on millennia-old glaciers then relaxing in the natural hot springs. Enjoy your evening meal traditional cuisine under the incredible Northern Lights.

Stunning View of Stockholm, Sweden
Photo – Hand Luggage Only

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland, Luxury Honeymoon
Photo – Travel Triangle

The Greek Islands have picturesque towns, a rich history and exceptional cuisine. Boarded by the Mediterranean Sea, these islands are known for fresh seafood and beautiful waters. Spend your days sailing, exploring the quaint towns or relaxing on a beach.

Luxury Honeymoon on the Greek Island of Santorini
Photo – Grace Santorini by Elegant Resorts

Top short haul honeymoon destinations also include;

  • Croatia
  • France
  • Majorca
  • Corsica


If you prefer a destination that is more further afield, have a look at our blog about long haul honeymoon destinations.

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