DIY wedding favours your guests will love!

DIY wedding favours your guests will love!

Wedding Favours are little novelty gifts to give your guests to keep. DIY wedding favours are an affordable and more personal option and they can either be hand made or put together. Whether it’s a sweet treat or a keepsake, here are some ideas to give your guests something special that they will actually want to take home.


Candles are a great idea and only contain a few ingredients. They are easy to make, can be any size and can be put in a variety of different containers. Some popular choices are Tea Cups, Shot Glasses, Mini Jars and Tins. Candles can be made in any colour to match your wedding decor and the scents are endless. Either personalise them or simply decorate them with jute string and lace. If you want to get really fancy you could even use dried flower petals or herbs on the top. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing how to make simple candles and lot’s of instructions online.

Candle Making Instructions:

Home Made Fudge

Fudge makes perfect favours and is a delicious sweet treat that again can easily be made at home in your own kitchen. The beauty of fudge is that is can be made in a variety of different flavours and colours. They can be cut in to chunks or why not even shape them in to hearts. DIY boxes to present them in are easily made and can be decorated with lace, hessian and ribbon.

A brilliant recipe including a video can be found here:


Succulents can be a great idea for wedding favours if you wanted to give your guests a living plant. They retain their water so won’t look worse for wear at the end of the night. Present them in little tin buckets or miniature terracotta pots for a rustic look. The good thing about succulents is they can also double up as a bit of greenery on your wedding tables.

Hand Made Soaps and Bath Bombs

Hand made soaps and bath bombs are a little trickier but definitely worth it and your guests will really appreciate the effort. They can be made in all shapes and sizes and you can get really adventurous with the fragrances. Present them in little organza bags or miniature boxes.

Recipes For Soap:

Sweet Jars

Sweet Jars are an easy and affordable wedding favour idea and your guests will love them. They don’t need to be huge, just a few different sweets popped into a jar. They can then be finished off with a gift tag and a bit of ribbon.


Home Made Jams and Chutney’s

Jams and Chutneys are another great affordable idea for wedding favours. They are perfect especially if you have big batches already made. Pop them in a little clip top pot or a jam jar with a label saying what it is. Your guests can take these home or they may even want to enjoy them with your cheese course. Remember to jot down the ingredients on the back just in case you have anyone that is allergic.

Photo: Perfect Wedding

Wedding Favours For Men

Quite often DIY wedding favours can seem more like they are aimed for the ladies rather than the men. Here are a few ideas that can be given specifically to the male guests.

Miniature Liquors

Miniature bottles of alcohol are a great idea. They can either be kept and taken home or drank after the bar has closed. Branded bottles can be purchased or why not try making your own such as sloe Gin, flavoured vodka’s or home made limoncello.

Limoncello Recipe:

Bottle Openers

Little bottle openers make a lovely little keepsake for the men. Why not personalise them so that every time they are used your big day will be remembered.

Wedding Favours For Children

Wedding favours for children can also double up as a bit of entertainment and can keep the younger ones occupied whilst the speeches etc are being made. Use colouring sheets wrapped up with a few pencils or crayons or have a few sweet treats.

Children’s wedding favours

There are many different ideas for wedding favours and they don’t need to cost the world. Get your bridesmaids and mothers together to help you make the perfect favour to suit your wedding day.

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