DIY Venue wedding decorations

DIY Venue wedding decorations

Top 10 DIY Wedding Decorations

Decorating a venue or a marquee for a wedding is essential but can be quite costly depending on your theme and set up. We have come up with our top 10 wedding decorations that you can create or make yourself on a budget.

Table Names/ Numbers

Once you have decided whether you are having a name or a number for your tables you can then start creating something to stand out. Mache letters and numbers are a perfect base to add your own design to.

Hobby Craft is a great place to purchase items such as plain wood, mache and fillable letters & numbers. Depending on your style, colours or theme they could be painted or decorated with a variety of flowers, glitter and papers.

Photo Frames are also a great alternative to display a table number, they can be purchased cheaply already decorative or try decorating the edges yourself with pearls, lace or ribbon.

Paper Cranes

Paper birds or cranes are great if you have mastered origami. They can be quite time consuming to make but definitely look extremely effective. Try bright colours or patterned card to make them stand out and hand them in lines from some string or see-through fishing wire.

A great tutorial to help you have a go at making your own can be found here.

Origami paper cranes – handmade and hung between poles in a traditional marquee.

Pine Cones

These work really well particularity for an autumn or winter wedding. You can pick them up for free and either leave natural or spray them with paint or glitter.

For more inspiration visit our autumn blog and winter blog.


Horseshoes are considered lucky and it’s usually a tradition to have some at a wedding. They look great painted and hung on some ribbon or rustic string.


Ribbons as a decoration are easy and still very effective. Match the colour to your theme or go bold and mix and match. Ribbons work great to add a bit of colour to your chairs for a ceremony or around a table.

Multi coloured ribbons to decorate folding wooden chairs.


Candles are a great DIY wedding decoration and are also really easy to make. There are lots of instructions online and the ingredients can be purchased cheaply. They can be made in a variety of different containers such as vintage Tea Cups, old jam jars, pots and glasses.

Match the colour to your scheme and add scents that will be released when lit.

Hanging Flowers

Flowers are a perfect and easy decoration for a wedding. They look really effective and don’t necessarily have to be fresh. Artificial flowers can look just as good and most of all you get to keep them afterwards.

Try hanging them from the roof or draped over poles mixed in with lights and ribbons.


White or coloured feathers make a great natural decoration.

They can be easily decorated and work particularly well dipped in some glitter for a sparkly effect. Hang them around the room or why not add them to your table place settings as a little extra.

Gold Glitter Dipped Feathers. Photo and tutorial –


Glass jars are perfect and affordable to use as a decoration. Save up your old jam and mason jars to reuse. Add fairy lights or candles and suspend them from the ceiling for an effective look. They can also be painted or covered in glitter to match your colour scheme.

Pallets & Signs

Pallets make great accessories and are perfect for making your own signs from the separate pieces of wood.

Use the whole pallet to display your wedding day schedule or split them up to create smaller personalised signs in different shapes. Paint or use stencils to create a bespoke look to suit your own theme and style.

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