A completely clear marquee

A completely clear marquee

A clear marquee has always been a popular choice, made from a frame with the option of having panoramic windows and panels throughout the roof space. Since the wedding of Pippa Middleton this May with their glass marquee, they have become even more sought after with many brides and grooms choosing them for their big day.

A completely clear marquee including windows and roofs throughout creates an amazing setting for a wedding at any time of the year. They are perfect for letting in all of the natural light through the spring and summer months and work great to enjoy the views of the autumn and winter without feeling enclosed.

To avoid creating the greenhouse effect, voiles and decorative linings can be included for decoration. They also work well to add a bit of shade on a hot day.

Clear roof marquees are not only great for the day but they are stunning as the sun goes down. You can enjoy the night sky while adding some fairy lights and a disco ball to really get the party started.

Clear roofs at night with fairy lights and disco ball over the dance floor.

Part Clear Marquee

A frame marquee doesn’t have to be completely clear all over, it can be split therefor creating different sections. Many people choose to leave their dining section lined while having a completely clear end for their dance area.

The options are endless with festoons and fairy lighting. In addition, paper lanterns in various sizes and bunting are also a popular choice to add some colour and decoration.

Bird’s eye view – Clear roofs over dance floor and chill out area.
Assorted paper lanterns with festoon lights through the clear roof space.

As with any marquee, there are so many options to create the perfect look that you desire for any wedding or event.

For more inspiration about the entire Pippa Middleton wedding, including her dress, the flowers and the church, visit
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“Thank you so much for setting up all the tents and the lighting so extremely efficiently and quickly. Everything worked perfectly and looked ravishing…The lighting was magical and mercifully the tents were fully waterproof as there was a late night downpour but everyone was far too busy on the dance floor by then to notice. If ever you need a ten star endorsement from us of your fantastic team just pass on my contact details. You were a real pleasure to work with and we were delighted with the final effect.”

- Emily, Bradford-On-Avon

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