Wedding transport

Wedding transport

Your wedding transport is a very important detail of your day, beginning your journey to your wedding and taking you away joyfully at the end of the celebrations.

Booking Your Wedding Transport

Like most aspects of your wedding planning, make sure you book your wedding transport as soon as possible, once you know how many people you need the transport for. Knowing the number of guests will allow you to choose the perfect sized car, and how many cars you will need.

Ensure you check how the company hires out their cars, some companies will hire out their cars for more than one wedding a day, so only allow you to have the car for a few hours. Other companies will hire out the car for the whole day, but there will be additional charges for this. So something to consider.

Make sure you discuss all the details of the wedding transport with the car hire company that you are using. Giving exact times and locations will allow the company to ensure your wedding transport runs as smoothly as possible. Although very unlikely to happen, it is wise to discuss a back-up plan if something were to happen to the primary vehicle.

Wedding cars for hire via private companies – all available from

Confirm which details are included in your car hire. A vehicle chauffeur is a necessity, their attire also being important. Whether you would like your chauffeur dressed in traditional costume or perhaps something more specific to the wedding theme, make sure you agree with the hire company. A champagne toast while travelling to the wedding venue is a popular tradition. Check if this is included in your car hire if it is a tradition you would like to honour. The decoration of your wedding transport can be a very personal touch. Discuss with the hire company your options, running through decoration style and colouring (See below for ‘Wedding Transport Decorations’).

Wedding Transport Ideas

Classic cars are an obvious choice for your wedding transport. A very traditional, stylish and comfortable option. For those less traditional couples, consider other vehicles, such as a vintage camper van, rustic tractor and trailer or even a plane!

A Rolls Royce, Jaguar or Bentley are the classic cars most often used for wedding transport, all of which are luxurious and timeless. Each boasts a very stylish body, complemented by large windows and shiny detailing in the grills and wheels. These elegant cars have become iconic choices for wedding transport.

Luxury modern wedding cars

Consider a horse and carriage if you are an old romantic or keen animal lover. Not only does a horse and carriage provide a fun and somewhat unique method of transport, but also gives you the opportunity to take some stunning photographs. Do allow time for travel by horse and carriage and be cautious of the weather.

For those vintage styled weddings, VW Campervans are the perfect choice. They are a colourful option which are a great value for money while also providing a spacious interior. If you have a large dress or are wanting to transport your wedding party all together, VW campervans are definitely worth considering.

“Wanda” the wedding VW camper van by

A vintage bus or even an old fire truck are other great alternatives to traditional wedding transport. Do take into consideration that both are large vehicles, ensuring they can be driven to and parked at your venues. These big quirky vehicles are perfect for transporting a lot of guests, all able to enjoy the travel together.

Wedding buses available from

With outdoor themed weddings becoming more and more popular, complete your rustic wedding with a tractor and trailer as your wedding transport. A trailer is a great choice for those wanting to transport a larger wedding party while arriving in style, all in view. Land Rovers are also a great country-style wedding transport.

Wedding Transport Decoration

Your vehicle will be a statement even without added detail so be careful not to layer on too much decoration. Traditional ribbons, set in a V shape on the bonnet of your car, are an elegant way to enhance your wedding car. Ensure the ribbons used are waterproof so not to break or fall flat if the weather is not in your favour. The addition of bows on each car door handle suitably compliments any larger ribbon on the front of the car.

Decorate the interior of your vehicle with silk flowers on the parcel shelf. Avoid using fresh flowers as they will wilt very quickly placed in the sunlight, additional using oasis to hold fresh flowers could result in water leaking onto the seats, staining the seats and your wedding attire.

Consider how you would like to decorate the vehicle you will be leaving your wedding celebrations in. Traditionally a string of empty cans is tied to the back of the vehicle, but you are unable to drive with these of a public road so ensure you stay on private land if you wish to trail anything behind. A ‘Just Married’ sign, attached to the back of your vehicle, is a great alternative. Also, consider using helium balloons. Attached to your car, tied to your door handles, the balloons will sit elegantly above your car, and float as you drive away as newlyweds.

“Real Wedding” car decorations –

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